Cannot explore image

Synopsis:  a system backup cannot be accessed from explorer


0) Windows 10 installed on a BootCamp partition successfully created by OS X (High Sierra)

1) created a system backup using Backupper Professional

2) verified backup successful

3) Backupper Pro:Utilities:Explore Image

    a) select the system backup to explore

    b) select the backup point (in this case there was only one)

    c) map disk/partition to new drive letter (D:, F:, whatever; in this case, D:)

    d) Image preview is initialized, checked and attached to drive D: successfully

4) open explorer and select drive D:

    a) a modal dialog displays the following information:

        (1) location is not available (in the title bar)

        (2) D:\ is not accessible

        (3) Incorrect function

5) Return to Backupper Pro: Utilities:Explore Image and detach image successfully

What to do?  Windows 10 appears to be well behaved.  I have no issues booting back and forth from OS X to Windows.  OS X Disk Utility pronounces all the partitions as healthy.  And, for that matter, so does Backupper.  I am at a complete loss as to how to access this backup.  By the way, I created a new backup of a new Bootcamp partition and encountering the same problem.  I really need to get this data back so any help would be appreciated.



  • If you restore the backup, I'm afraid your OS X will not be bootable.

  • Fair enough, I understand that.  But that is not the question posed by this post.  The need now is not to restore, per se, but to mount and use the explore feature.  Please advise how this can be accomplished.  Thank you.

  • The backup is on an external device? Can you explore that on another (Windows) PC?

  • No, I only have one Windows' seat on a multi-system machine (an iMac).

  • It's a bug, please restore the backup to another computer to access the data.

  • If only I had another computer to which to restore the backup.

  • You could restore to another disk.

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