Improve the scheduler

When scheduling a backup have an option to "wake the computer to run this task. Currently it is required to manually make this change to the Windows Task Manager in order to run backups unattended at night. Also include "Run whether user is signed on or not".


  • yes definitely need to "run whether user is signed on or not" as default. This is obvious for any backup program, especially one that runs on servers.

  • 2 years and this is not added yet? Aomei really needs to add the wake computer option.

  • Hi @makman, would you mind telling more specifics about such function? 

  • As a workaround, when setting up the scheduled task, you can choose to use Task Scheduler to run the backup. Then from Task Scheduler, you can this option.

  • edited October 2017

    Sorry for the very delayed response. My computer goes to sleep after a time.  Backupper should be able to wake the computer to do a scheduled backup. And the backup should run whether or not someone is logged in.

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