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  • @admin

    You are asked to give us more information to the paragraphs of post # 39

    1. "The Management server should automatically in accordance with the schedule and the selected plan to give the command for the backup."

    2. "Implement a full function of remote destruction of data to minimize the risk of loss or theft of critical data due to unforeseen events."

    3. "Use the security module from the encoders on the basis of machine learning and heuristics." you mentioned in your feedback?


    1. In the administration console, you must have a wizard to create a schedule for automatic backup in accordance with the developed plan which provided for semi-annual, monthly, daily and real-time backup, but in the same time removing outdated backups.

    2. In determining leakage of a large amount of important information data from the storage locations to delete the "fast" method – i.e., without overwriting the new data through the management server. 

    Accordingly, this information would then be easy to restore.

    3. To protect files from virus attacks, cryptographers without the assistance of antivirus software, using artificial intelligence technologies to detect malicious activity and automatically vosstanavlivaet user data in case of virus attack of Trojan horse. Use technology based on machine learning algorithms that recognize unusual patterns of behavior programs in the system when the file access. Behaviors programs to create with the help of artificial intelligence technology, which analyzes the data of hundreds of thousands of malicious and legitimate processes to determine their purity. 

    In suspicious activity, the security module verifies the process with the use of both heuristics, models of the expected and unexpected behavior of applications. If the process is identified as potentially malicious, the security module warns the user of suspicious activity. And if some files were encoded or damaged during the attack of ransomware, the program automatically restores them from backups.

  • Hello,

    another cool feature would be to identify and grab the special windows system drivers (NIC etc.) from a target system and store them in the centralized system. Also there should be the possiblity to add own drivers like RAID if not automatically detected. Also there should be an option to recheck any driver changes on the target system periodically.

    These drivers sets are linked automaticaly to the host and also could be linked to a host group.

    Now there would be the possibility to create needed boot medias from within the centralized servers even if the system itself is dead or damaged. It would be also great to write the wanted bootable recovery system remotely onto the target system (USB/DVD) from within the centralized console.

    So it would be possible to have the target system alltime ready to boot from the recovery system and grab the latest backup from within the lan or media like for example rdx tapes simply by changing the boot order. This

    Another further possibility would be to combine that with a technique like PXE Boot within the same lan subnet or to make the boot media only including a set great of nics drivers, then reload any other drivers remotely from the centralized server including the image location and then boot the recovery enviroment and automatically do the wanted restore

    Best regards ..


  • @jegg ;

    Hi there, can you give us more information about "the boot disk"?

  • @tvogunleye ;

    Thanks for all your suggestions!

  • @DjD

    Thank you for your suggestion 

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    Hey, thanks for your idea!

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    @admin ; my suggestions (page 1 of this thread) are now in your feature list. Points 1 and 9. but i am not on the list of the winners :( thats not fair :( :( :( i am really sad now

    no chance for a 2 year licence ????

  • @norbert

    Hi there, Don't be sad! You still have a really high chance to win 2 year license!

    That list was just the first batch of winners! As the software is still under development, we're adding more and more features to it and your suggestions might be in a future version. And you would still win it!

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    The Office I am managing has now grown from 12 workstations to 14 workstations and one Lenovo notebook.

    Soon we will be adding a Panasonic Toughpad FZ-Q2G150AVM.

    The Toughpad will be running Windows 10 Pro.

    The Toughpad will also have a Desktop Docking station that will connect it to the network for updates and backups.

    I would like to be able to include the Lenovo notebook and Panasonic Toughpad into the mix when they are connected to the network.

    Is this going to be possible ?

    The Panasonic Toughpad is a 12.5" handheld running Windows 10 PRO

    on an Intel Core M5-6Y57 vPro CPU with 8GB RAM and a 256GB SSD.



  • @admin: after the announcement of the Beta today i really looking forward to the official releasedate. 

    But my idea with the remote restore is still missing in your feature list. In my eyes this is an important feature. we need a simple solution to start a restore of a machine (after harddiskfailure oder pc-crash or a ransomwareattack). the simplest solution could be a prepared usb-bootstick (prepared on the centralmanagement-pc) where i can choose which image should be restored on the machine if i start with this stick.

    doesn´t this look like a cool feature?

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