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    Hi there, thanks for your suggestions!


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    Hi there, you mentioned can you explain more about "Encrypting image with AOMEI Centralized Backup Management" , What operations
    to images would you like to be secured by password?

    i mean have option to password protect image like in aomei backupper

  • I hope the new Centralized Backup Management can have below function and impovement from the existing backup problem.

    1. Multi Storage, console, agent concept.

         Multi Storage---The backup destination can not store all backup data, can define different backup device to do.

         console---Can handle and management backup in different operation PC.

         agent---Different server/PC, different agent

    2. Backup destination can define FTP.

    3. Web based console.

    4. Different user can have different account/ right.(Administrators, operation)

    5. Reporting and email notifcation-monthly report with different computers or whole group.

    6. Different backupset in one account.

    7. Define Retention day in one backup set---can set keep 14days AND 12 MONTH

    8. email server support non auth local smtp server and support both IP & domain/hostname.-----improve of existing backup version

    9. Statable NAS and smb backup destination.-----improve of existing backup version

    10. Can edit the backupset before first time backup.-----improve of existing backup version

    11. Import / Export the backup setting in different level. eg. whole backup program/ one agent PC setting

    12. The concept of Group. eg. retention day group, backup destination group, time group, etc

    13. Backup with image but can also restore in file based and have dedeep function.

    14. Backup vhd but can also restore with file based.

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    Hi there, thanks for your feedback. Can you give us more information about "Possible active directory intergration"

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    Hi there, thanks for your feedback. Can you give us more information about "centralized silent distribustion/push and option"

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    Hey there. Thank for your feedbacks!

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    arent there any questions about my suggested features? Or did i directly qualify for the 3 year Premium Subscription of this new Product ;)

  • My proposal, the requirement for AOMEI Centralized backup management


    In AOMEI Centralized backup management can be implemented the following principles and methods:


    - Depending on tasks, the importance of stored information and the frequency of its use, it is necessary to use advantages of all types of backup data: backup (cloning (point-in-time),
    creation of snapshots (snapshot), copy, create a full copy (one copy), incremental backup and differential backup).

    - In some cases, to minimize the amount of storage backup system can save only the data and not copy operating system images.

    - To plan the automatic deletion of old (not current) archives and the creation of new in accordance with the policy of archiving data.

    - The Management server should automatically in accordance with the schedule and the selected plan to give the command for the backup.

    - Monitor detected errors and failures when backing up information, check the backup for integrity and efficiency and to calculate the checksum for each file to check the integrity
    of stored data.

    - To use the maximum automation of the management server backup, as excluding the human factor from intentional and unintentional destruction of information.

    - Provide maximum protection for backup and archives from damage, modification and unauthorised access from external interference, including storage of archives in repositories isolated
    from the network to minimize the impact of external factors (hackers, malicious programs).

    To protect important information in the copies necessary to use encryption 256-AES.

    - Implement a full function of remote destruction of data to minimize the risk of loss or theft of critical data due to unforeseen events.

    - Should be possible to create extra copies of important data.

    - Use the security module from the encoders on the basis of machine learning and heuristics.

    - Use deduplication and compression of stored data

    when you back up.

    - To control the growth of stored data and prevent critical capacity storage.

    Hi there, thanks for all the suggestions!
    You mentioned "Push application updates to workstations after backup is complete" and what applications did you refer to?
    "Report on workstation health" and can you give us more details about this

    Thank you

    Thanks for the response !!!

    Have the Central Management Software compare the application version of Backupper Pro/Server on the local workstation/server with the latest release available on the AOMEI website.

    If the website has a NEWER version available, automatically update the workstation to the latest version of BACKUPPER !!!

    Workstation Health can be measured in TIME AWAKE, RAM AVAILABLE, CPU % USED or a SMART snapshot.

    If something is more than idle it could affect backup performance, especially if a Hard Drive has less than X% free space or has more than 15% fragmentation, etc...  Having some sort of indication of the status of the workstation can be helpful in determining its health / performance and possibile maintenance issues that need attention.

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