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Why is updating product need to be so complicated

Hello everyone,
I have an update message on the screen of the partition assistant professional edition. 
I have the lifetime update 
Why is there not a link in the software to go to a download site ? 
Why is there no information on your site how to update ? 
I really don’t get the logic of telling me there is an update from 10.3 to 10.4 but it's impossible to find anywhere ! 

Is this some kind of a scam for people who forget they purchased a lifetime and you are trying to make us pay again ? 


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    Thank you, Rmarier, in PA, when this upgrade message appears, you may click to allow the app to upgrade itself, it will uninstall the old version, and ask your permission to keep your license info when it installs the new version.
    You could instead uninstall the old version, and use the link below to manually install the Pro version. The free and Pro installer .exe files are different.
    Backupper Pro Edition
    Keeps license activated when updating Pro version.

    Partition Assistant Pro Edition
    Keeps license activated when updating Pro version.

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