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Good afternoon, I have my active annual license and I generated my bootable USB device to restore a previously created image but when booting from boot it comes in but the AOMEI system tells me that it is a demo version and not a paid one, I already tried to format my USB, re-create the boot from usb and it gives me the same message


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    Hello Jangomez, thank you for your question. I understand you have confirmed your Aomei license is currently active, but when you create an Aomei WinPE USB, it is not the Pro version. I do not know which Aomei product you are making a USB for, Backupper, or Partition Assistant. Please reinstall your Aomei product to see if that helps.
    Did you know Aomei created a great USB tool called (Win)PE Builder? It includes both BU, PA, and many other free utilities. Please try this version and reply with the results.
    You could use Aomei to create an .ISO file, then use Rufus, or Ventoy to create a USB. With Ventoy, you can put several Aomei .ISOs onto 1 USB drive, that can be useful.
    "annual license"
    After you get this USB issue fixed, and your license expires, would you like to get the lifetime license for 50% off anytime? Simply go to a PC with BU/PA free version installed, then uninstall the free version, it will provide you with a 50% off discount link, well worth it!
    Please reply with the name of the Aomei product, BU, PA, and a screenshot of your error, thanks!
    Aomei (Win)PE Builder USB:
    Best for PCs before 2020, includes Partition Assistant, Backupper, Recuva, 7zip, OSF Mount, CPU-Z, Bootice, DiskMgmt.msc. Supports x64 portable apps. Does not support any additional drivers, such as some internal M.2 NVMe disks.
    Backupper Guide

    Partition Assistant General Help Topics
    Free tools not from Aomei:
    Ventoy - Best Multiboot USB Creator
    Put all bootable ISOs on 1 USB Stick, open source

  • @Juangomez, Did you create and boot WinPE bootable media on the same computer? Or boot another computer?
    Under PE, please click Clone--Disk Clone to check if it lists your disks. What type are your disks? NVMW SSDs?
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