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Schedule Folders/Files Backup creating only full backups not incremental and not differential


I just purchased this product about a week ago, but I'm not able to get it working properly. The only workaround I have found so far is to manually start the differential backup instead of using the schedule. This option won't work for me I need the schedule and auto backup feature.

I've been trying for a few days (many hours over 30 tests) with no success when using the schedule to automatically create backups it will only create full backups not incremental and not differential. I see there's other posts about this problem, please tell me the solution.

Note: All my recent tests are now with this turned off: "create a full backup and always retain" but it is behaving as if the box is still checked & still on. It seems like a bug.

Based on recent chat with AOMEI I am testing again: This morning I changed the schedule to 4 hours earlier so I could see if Differential backup schedule is finally working. I also changed "after every 6 differential backups perform one full backup from 6 to 10." Again is making another full backup. Next test: I changed the priority to normal and changed the schedule to start 10 minutes later. Again is making full backups not differential. Next test: I turned off backup cleanup then changed the schedule to 10 minutes later then click ok, then opened scheme and turned cleanup back to on then click ok and saved it. Again is making full backup. Next test: step 1: I select edit backup then scheme turn off backup cleanup then click ok then save. step 2: I select edit backup and change the schedule to 10 minutes ahead then click ok then save. Step 3: I again select edit backup then scheme turn turn on backup cleanup then click ok then save. Again is making a full backup. I am glad there is a cancel button so after 15 minutes or so I can stop the process and keep testing. When I manually started the differential backup, and successfully backed up only the changed files, the process took about 8 minutes. I wish I could use only the manual backup option but this is not an option.

I  tested many more times than this with incremental and differential for Backup Folders & Files but every time it always makes a full backup unless it is started manually. 
This product will not work for me if i'm not able to use the schedule to make "change only" backups. I don't have space for full backups every day.


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    Hello Jtsn, I understand you want to use incremental backups, but it is not working.
    Create a new Incremental Backup task, and delete the old one.
    If that does not work, please confirm you are using the latest Backupper 7.3.5. Install all Windows updates, including Optional & Firmware updates. Scan for viruses with a 3rd party scanner, such as Malwarebytes. Create a new Windows user  account, local non-Microsoft, and log into Windows with that fresh Admin user account. Use Task Manager to disable unnecessary startup apps. Reply with a screenshot from Partition Assistant, and please upload your log file folder under the installation directory of AOMEI Backupper Generally, it is C:\Program Files (x86)\AOMEI\AOMEI Backupper\<Version>\log to check and analyze the issue, where VersionNumber is the Backupper 7.x.x number. Or  C:\Program Files (x86)\AOMEI\AOMEI Backupper\<version>\log\reg.log
    Backupper Manual

    Backupper Guide

  • @Jtsn, Our technician is checking the problem for you. The related colleague will feed back the result.
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    I am using the latest 7.3.5 I tried deleting old files then creating new incremental and differential backups. That did not work. I have not tested System backup or Disk backup. Only trying to use File backup. Regarding updating windows  This computer is offline so it doesnt get updates, but it is running Windows 10. Regarding creating a new admin account,  Can you be more specific. Are you suggesting to uninstall backupper then create new admin account then reinstall to the new account and retest it. I have submitted logs and other data. I hope to find a solution without further delay. Thanks.   Error messages when edit here:  Unknown column 'Active' in 'field list'.  Unknown column 'Active' in 'field list'. Unknown column 'Active' in 'field list'
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    Thank you, Jtsn. I do not know the cause of your backup problem. Here are 2 general troubleshooting steps, that might solve this issue.
    "Can you be more specific. Are you suggesting to uninstall backupper then create new admin account then reinstall to the new account and retest it."
    Windows > Start > Control Panel > Programs > uninstall BU > restart > reinstall BU
    If that does not work, you could also
    Windows > Start > Settings > Accounts > Other Users > create new User (non-Microsoft user) > Configure new user as Admin > Close Settings > Windows log out of current user > Log in as new user.
    It does not matter which Windows user account you install an app onto, it will install onto both.
    Jtsn, please post a screenshot from Partition Assistant onto the forums here.
    "I hope to find a solution without further delay"
    Please contact email support, if you have not already.
    Tech Support & license reset
    [email protected]

  • @Jtsn, Could you first test if you will get the same situation when you do system or disk backup? Or, please try to select less data volume to create a new file backup task (same source path and target path) and check if it will also get the same situation.
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