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Why is AOMEI Backupper Professional so slow?

I have 5 SSDs on my computer with about 12 TB of data in total. The problem is backing up even one of those SSDs is extremely slow. For example my main system drive, which has 2.5TB out of 3.7TB used. I configured a System Backup for it, with weekly full backups then daily incremental backups. It's currently backing up at only about 60MB/s, and it will take 9 hours to complete the backup, which is an incremental backup should be very small compared to a full backup, as I didn't add or change many files in the last 24 hours. I'm using "Intelligent Sector Backup" and VSS, normal compression, if it matters.

And no, it's not the NAS where I do my backups being slow. Because this is an incremental backup, and so far has written only 16GB to the NAS in about an hour (so about 0.27 GB/minute or 4 MB/s on average).

My SSD is a Kingston Renegade Fury 4TB which should have read speeds of up to 7,300 MB/s. The backup is more than 100 times slower than that, at 62 MB/s.

The problem is not the CPU, it's currently using only around 1% CPU on my 13900K.

So, I don't know. It could be because there are many small files on my drive? Maybe I should change it from a System Backup to a regular Disk Backup? What exactly is the difference?

Finally, I feel the need to add that don't like this software at all, it's too inflexible. First of all, the Backupper is keeping my computer hostage for days while backing up, which is very frustrating. Right now it has been backing up for 14 hours continuously, for example. You can't even check the settings for the backups or change them while it's backing up. You can't pause the backups if you have something to do and don't want the backup to slow you down, but you don't want to cancel it and lose the progress either. You can't reboot while the backups are running. And if you try to to reboot the Windows reboot sequence starts, blocking your access to the Windows UI, then the Backupper prevents the reboot from actually occurring until the backup completes, with no option to cancel the backup, so you can't use your computer for hours if you forget to check that the Backupper is running before rebooting. The only option in that situation is to force a power cycle on your computer, which could potentially cause data loss.

Also, the backup email notifications don't work. I have them configured with AOMEI server, the test email arrives, but I get no notifications when backups complete or fail.


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    Thank you, Vnicolici, there are many factors that can contribute to the speed of a backup, or transfer. The software yes, can be a cause of undesired speeds. There is also the quality of the target disk. Some disks have a high read speed, and a low write speed, such as the Samsung Fit USB stick. Some SSDs actually have 2 disks inside, one that is small and fast, and a 2nd that is large but slow, such as the Kingston XS2000 disk; after this kind of disk has been in use for several minutes, it will switch to the 2nd slower disk on the inside, and the speed will slow. You may use Partition Assistant Disk Speed Test to see this for yourself visually.
    The USB 2,3,4 rating is only the ceiling speed that the disk can use, not the actual speed it will go at. The source port, cable, and target port must all match the 2,3,4 rating to achieve the ceiling. USB 3 is rated at 5Gb/s, but if you read the official USB 3 documentation, it can never reach that speed, even theoretically. See documentation below for further reading.
    Backupper compression setting "None, Normal, High", will affect the backup speed.
    What file system is your target disk? ExFAT filesystem, created in 2006, is slightly faster than NTFS, created in 1993.
    What data file types are you backing up? A large amount of tiny files, such as music or photos will backup slower than a small amount of large files, such as .ISOs.
    You could instead use Backupper USB, to backup your PC from outside of Windows.
    I have attached for you a screenshot of backing up 508MB/s consistently.
    Backupper may at times go slower than desired, but usually it will go at the speed of your disks, cable, ports, file systems, and data file types. If you want an affordable external disk with consistant high speed, try the Crucial X9.
    Backupper is very fast, and if you want to try another very fast free USB disk clone program, you could try Clonezilla. Backupper has better GUI than Clonezilla.

    Backupper WinPE USB:
    Add custom drivers, such as NVMe, if necessary. Does not work on some Monitors.
    Free tool not from Aomei:
    Free use without licensing

    USB speed is not 5Gb/s  - ThioJoe

  • @Vnicolici, Please try to run chkdsk command to check and repair the C drive and defragment it. And, please also try to use AOMEI Service to backup.
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