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Backup Question

Just started using aome! and have 2 questions
1. I have a SSD with 2 partitions: Windows (C:) and a working data partition (D:).
When creating a disk image can I just backup (C:)? If I go this route and do a restore will aome! do anything with (D:)? 

I posted screen shot of my drive.
I'm trying to figure out whether to use System Backup or Disk Backup.
In System Backup aomei shows 3 partitions. If I backup using System Backup will it leave my data (D:) alone?

It appears that Disk Backup will use al partitions on my drive.




  • @Jamesjoey, You can use system backup way. It will back up system partitions (EFI, C: drive and recovery partition). So, it will not back up D:drive. 
    But, for data security, we suggest that you also do backup for D: drive. You can use partition backup way to back up it individually.
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