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Getting in touch with your Sales/Partnership Departement


Im making this post to inquire about the response time / delay to get a replay from your sales departement.
We are a company looking for a backup software and your product fits perfectly with what weare looking for.
There is a few questions we would like to ask.

I emailed your your partnership departement at [email protected] earlier this week but i have yet o receive a reply.
Could someone on your time confirm that you have received my email or could you put me in touch with someone.


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    Thank you Spther, thank you for your interest in being an Aomei Partner. Please try contacting them from a different email address, and also CC this address as well, this is their main. Spther, could you please reply with which Email domain you are sending from? Can you confirm you checked your spam folder? An Aomei Admin will likely reply to your forum post soon as well. Enjoy!
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    [email protected]
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    Spther, did they reply to your original Email address, or a different Email address, both, or neither? What was the domain of your original Email address that you sent it from? Don't post your full Email address, just the domain. [email protected]. Thanks.
  • Sorry for the delayed response.

    The email i wrote them with was with our company domain name    [email protected]

    I have since them wrote a diffrent email with my personal one with a Gmail domain.
    Im awating a replay but i did receive a confirmation email about the ticket being created.

    Thank you for taking the time to help me with this issue.
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