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How to clone/restore to a replacement SSD


I'm confused, but that's nothing unusual. I've got a Dell Inspiron and going to upgrade the storage from 224 GB to 1TB. I'm replacing with the same storage type "Dell M.2 PCIe NVME Gen 3x4 Class 35 2230 Solid State Drive". Intention is to create a bootable system USB, remove the current 224 GB SSD and fit the new blank 1TB SSD and then restore, or clone, or whatever I need to do.

I've read the instruction manual and loads on the AOMEI website, but just can't get my head around what to do.

So, two questions . . . I think:
1) What do I do to create a system (including applications, data, etc) backed up and bootable USB? 
2) What to then restore, or clone, or whatever I need to do on the new 1TB SSD using the USB?

Thanks in anticipation


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