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Image verified in memory

When I do the system backup of my PC, which has 64 GB of RAM, I have found that the verification of the image, which is 25 GB, is done on the one in memory, the LEDs on the external disk report no activity, and not on the one actually saved, thus not guaranteeing its validity.
SysInternals' RAMMap utility shows it to me in the Standby List, and only if I empty it does the verification get done on the disk.
Is it possible to force verification on the physical image?


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    "SysInternals' RAMMap utility shows it to me in the Standby List"
    Thank you for your thoughtful analysis. Could you please post a screenshot so Aomei could check further?
    "Is it possible to force verification on the physical image?"
    After doing your backup, you could go to BU > Tools > Check Image, to manually verify.
    My understanding is that when BU checks integrity of an image, it is not checking the image to a physical disk, instead it is checking the image to a Checksum. For example, if you use Microsoft Windows 11 USB creation tool, it will create the USB, then verify the USB drive against a small Checksum file. That is normal.
    Looking forward to hearing about what you find.  : )
    Backupper Check Image

  • Before backup

    After backup

    File summary after backup

  • Thank you, OAS, it is good to document your concern for other techs to see. My understanding is that the Check Image feature does not check the image to the original physical source, but to the Checksum file.
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    Also the checksum should be done on the physical image and not the one in the disk cache.
    I currently backup, clear the cache with RAMMap, and verify the image.
    It would be convenient if all this was done automatically by the application.
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