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SDD boot in Laptop but not in my PC

I have a small SSD in my PC and have now made a backup to the SSD in my laptop.
The SSD starts in the laptop without any problems.
When I install the SSD in my PC it doesn't start.

The SSD is recognized in the BIOS and I have also configured it as a boot drive.

The PC starts and only the cursor flashes.

Does somebody has any idea ?


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    Thank you, Tomciu, I understand you want to migrate your desktop SSD to your laptop, but it isn't working.
    We need to diagnose the issue causing this. It could be a driver issue, a motherboard setting, a Windows boot configuration issue, or other problem.
    Please confirm your motherboard settings are the same in your source desktop and target laptop.
    Please put the SSD into the source desktop, and provide answers to the following:
    1) Which motherboard mode Legacy-BIOS, UEFI-CSM, UEFI-nonCSM?
    2) What PC brand, year, model #, desktop or laptop?
    3) SSHD, SSD 2.5", SSD M.2 SATA, SSD M.2 NVMe?
    4) Hard Drive partition table MBR or GPT?
    5) Windows version 10, 11, Home, Pro, Enterprise?
    6) Please post a screenshot of your issue from Partition Assistant, thank you.
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  • @Tomciu, Did you perform clone on the laptop? And then, connect the cloned drive to another PC to boot?
    "The SSD starts in the laptop without any problems."---Did you mean that the cloned SSD can boot successfully on the laptop?
    What system (version) is it running on the SSD?
    Is it MBR? or GPT format?
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