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can backupper correctly back up and restore linux ext4 partitions.

I have a mixed SSD - win10 and Linux Mint, bootable by either grub or windows manager depending on where I set the BIOS. Currently using Terabyte. Looking for alternative. I d/l your free backupper and it ran nicely at ~470MBs - 6 min for the SSD. It seemed to back up all the partitions but I did not try to restore Mint - thought I'd ask first. It doesn't come with recovery stick software so can't test that. I have no interest in actually running backupper in Mint as I don't think that is possible - not a prob. I have no need for that - win or boot to stick.
Backups on Sammy 870 Evo SSD sata to Unitek adapter to usb3 A. So I would expect max to be ~4-500MBs, and that's what Crystal gives me.

--- ThinkPad P15s-Gen1-20T4-002KUS, i7-10510U, UEFI/GPT, 16GB, Sammy 970 EVO Plus 500GB NVMe M.2.


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