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Backup with bitlocker

I have a new company notebook with bitlocker and I would like to make an exact image of the disk to restore it in case of accidents. I have standard rights (not administrator) but I can start the PC from a USB stick. Is it possible to make and eventually restore an image with active bitlocker from a USB stick?


  • @Gialandra, Yes, you can create WinPE bootable USB of AOMEI Backupper, and then boot the computer from WinPE USB to create backup for the disk. It will make and eventually restore an image with active bitlocker.
  • Backupper and Partition Assistant work well with Microsoft Bitlocker. If your disk has Bitlocker turned on, please print your 48-digit MS Bitlocker Recovery Key onto paper today. If a change is made to your disk, and MS Bitlocker requires your Key, and you do not have it, you will lose your data forever.

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