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Partition Assistant shrink advice

When using PA to shrink Windows C partition, I could install the PA app, and then restart into WinPE mode. Or, I could instead use PA USB to shrink it.
Aomei Admin, could you please tell us, which of these 2 methods is safer? Which method has the least statistical risk of causing a crash? I am not asking about PreOS mode, I am only asking about WinPE mode.
PA app > WinPE reboot
Thank you.


  • @AiArtisan, When you run AOMEI Partition Assistant under Windows and use it to shrink the C: drive, then the operation will need to reboot into WinPE mode to perform. Generally, it doesn't cause a crash. 
  • Admin, there are 2 ways to use WinPE. On Windows, and on USB. Which is best?
  • When using a partition assistant to shrink a partition, ensure that you have sufficient free space to accommodate the shrink operation. Before proceeding, back up important data to prevent loss. Check for file system errors and defragment the partition for optimal results. Exercise caution to avoid data corruption or loss during the shrinking process.

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