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Problem backing up to NAS

I have a Synology NAS which I now cannot use for backup. Whenever I try to do a backup I get a pop up screen which asks for my NAS log on details - but refuses to accept these. However, the app does create empty folders on the NAS each time I try to use it. The app still works OK with non-NAS drives. This problem started a few weeks ago I haven’t had much help from AEOMI to date.


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    Thank you PeterTS, could you please reply with a screenshot of this issue?
    You could try to reinstall BU. Can you confirm this issue happens from multiple host PCs, to the same NAS? Does this issue happen to multiple NAS drives? Has your IT Manager confirmed there are no networking issue? Can you access the NAS normally in the file explorer, when you are not using BU?
    You could try BU USB, then backup to NAS, if that works, it could help isolate the issue.
    "I haven’t had much help from Aomei"
    If you are unable to resolve your issue with Aomei email support, you could try a 3rd party support site, such as Superuser.
    Backupper WinPE USB:
    Add custom drivers, such as NVMe, if necessary.
    Tech Support
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  • @PeterTS, Pleae click Tools--Storage Management, then click "Add Share or NAS Devices" re-add your NAS path. Then, please recreate the backup again.
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