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server reboot

tested the server version before buying .. 
the windows me recovery is not working.. it starts loading and the server reboots
this on a dell r900 server. with raid.. 
macrium reflect windowsme environment works but the cost is too prihibitive.

please advise


  • @Lgkahn, What operation did you perform? Could you explain your steps and the problem further?
  • i did a backup and installed the reboot partition on the system.. when booting it shows the option but when i click on it it starts loading and the machine reboots..

    i also tried the option to create a usb stick for booting .. this does not cause a reboot but just hangs when i try to boot from it..

  • so basically there is no way to do a restore for me.. i was testing before buying so it is useless.

    this is on a dell r900 server running windows 2022.. boot/c drive is a raid partition with 6 disks
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  • @Lgkahn, Did you also create WinPE bootable media on the dell r900 server? When you create the WinPE, the "Download WinPE creating environment..." option is ticked by default?
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