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File backup VERY slow

I have a file (not image) backup currently running using AOMEI Backupper Pro v 7.3.3. It has been running for about 12 hours now and reports only be 31% finished. There are 1508737 files and it has backed up 915172 so far. The speed showing is 31MB/s with 10 hours remaining. I'm backing up files from my C: (M.2 drive) and D: (SATA drive) to a directory on the D: drive. My system is a high end Windows 11 PC with 32GB of memory and an i9-12000K CPU.

Why is file backup so slow? Image backups are much much faster.



  • Thank you Calab, I understand your backup is going very slowly. I appreciate the info and screenshots. Can you confirm you are doing a file/folder level backup? You are not doing a disk or partition backup, correct?
    What BU compression level did you choose, none, normal, or high? High compression will go slower.
    Please do an deep custom AV scan with Malwarebytes, or other strong AV app. Rootkits, and other viruses can slow the backup too.
    Sometimes the Windows system or background applications can slow down Backupper. For your next backup, try BU USB version, so that will help narrow down where the problem is coming from.
    As people are helping you here, please also open up a ticket with Aomei Support directly at the link below, thank you.
    Tech Support & license reset
    [email protected]
    Backupper WinPE USB:
    Add custom drivers, such as NVMe, if necessary.

  • I am doing a file level backup. Some small files, some very large files.

    The backup was set to Normal.

    No virus slowing things down.

    I restarted the backup, this time going to a network drive. 18 hours into the backup (80%) it failed. I think there was an issue with the remote computer. I am going to try again when time permits.
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