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I need to fix an error, I have converted my hard disk from a volume to a dynamic one and it is not r

Dear community

My operating system is Win 10 Volume
I have tried to map a new drive to my hard drive for system backup files, but some updates won't install because I don't have that drive.

When I followed the procedure for a new drive and at the time of formatting it, it gave me a "warning" that continuing would make the disks dynamic and the drive containing the operating system would not be recognized!
I tried to do the same thing several times, and one of those times I "accidentally" clicked that it accepted and changed all the numbers.
When I gave it update it returned to place volume C: D: and I saw that it had been repaired, I even went to the explorer and everything was normal.

 When I turn on the PC again, I get a message that says: did not find an operating system. I tried to disconnect any drive that does not contain an operating system. Price e ctrl + Alt + Supra "

I know I can boot it with a bootable USB, but I don't know what the best solution is.

I hope the community can guide me how to solve this problem. Thank you. 


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    Hello Abc, I am sorry to hear about this. Can you please post use Partition Assistant USB, and post a screenshot from that here, so we can help you? Thanks.
    If your data is very important, then you should clone your entire disk to another empty disk, using Exact-Sector-By-Sector method, before you make any further changes to your disk.
    Can you confirm English is your native language?
    Partition Assistant WinPE USB:
    Add custom drivers, such as NVMe, if necessary.

    Aomei (Win)PE Builder USB:
    Best for PCs before 2020, includes Partition Assistant, Backupper, Recuva, 7zip, OSF Mount, CPU-Z, Bootice, DiskMgmt.msc. Supports x64 portable apps. Does not support any additional drivers, such as some internal M.2 NVMe disks.

  • My native language is Spanish, I hope you can help me in Spanish.
    It is a little difficult the technical language.

    Could you explain me a little better how to do the backup?

    Now I ask, won't this software be able to help me fix this without losing the data?

    I know that I can boot the computer with a bootable USD and I know that the computer will recognize the C: volume, when I enter in disk device and I give it update, it puts me disk C
  • "My native language is Spanish"
    Please create a new post in Spanish, and someone will help you there.

  • @Abcd0703_, “I have tried to map a new drive to my hard drive for system backup files”---Did you use AOMEI Backuper to create system backup for the disk?
  • @admin Hi, I want to know if I can fix my unit with the AOEM software to reverse the error.

    I can't boot my drive in safe mode because its I have to backup and boot the drive, for this I do it from scratch and that's what I want to avoid.
    That is why I asked for your advice and help. 
  • @Abcd0703_, We don't quite understand your question. Could you explain it further? Your system now can't boot? What operations did you perform for the system drive? Please boot the computer from WinPE USB to check the status of the system disk.
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