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Anyviewer Invisible Mice

Anyviewer does not have the option to show the host PC mouse cursor. This makes assisting another person difficult, because you cannot see where their mouse is.
Many competing remote support apps will always show the host mouse cursor, or will have the option in the settings.
Aomei Admin, please forward this problem to your development team. Thank you.


  • @AiArtisan, Thanks. We will add the feature after.
  • I tested AnyViewer using several different computers and I can confirm that the mouse cursor of the controlled computer is not visible when that side moves it to a new position. The mouse cursor positions are not in sync and are not tracked with each new change in position.

    Example Scenario:

    Let's assume Computer A controls Computer B:

    If Computer A moves the mouse - the mouse cursors are correctly updated on both sides

    If Computer B moves the mouse - the new mouse cursor position is not updated on Computer A

    Computer A does not see Computer B's new mouse cursor position and still sees the mouse at its old position

    This is a bug and hopefully would be fixed soon. Thank you!
  • 5/7/24 User Alex50arg asks for new Anyviewer feature to show host PC mouse cursor.
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