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Invalid/corrupt image file

I get this error when trying to restore an image.  Can anyone help out here?


  • edited February 20
    Thank is unfortunate to hear about your Backupper image.adi file having this restore error.
    Could you screenshot what happens if you do BU > Check Image?
    What BU version are you on?
    Can you confirm you have done all Windows updates, including optional updates?
    Please copy the BU image.adi file to a partition with filesystem ExFat and then try to restore again, this will confirm this issue is not a user permissions error.
  • @Parkerman, Is it full backup? or incremental backup? How many backup versions are there? Could you try to select the previous backup version to restore?
  • @admin This image.adi file was created with an older version of Backupper on one of my laptops.  I have the most up to date version of BU on a different PC and it gives this error when attempting to browse the .adi image.  Should I just use the recovery.iso to restore the image.adi to a new hard drive?  
  • @parkerman, Is there one .adi file? no other backup versions? It might be that the backup image file is damaged, you can't restore it again.
  • This issue of not being able to restore backups as there is 'no image file' and Aomei saying the file is corrupt so tough luck is completely unacceptable.  I see posts from 2017 with this same issue.  It is nonsense that ALL my backups are corrupt.  Full backups and partials.  Aomei, you must make a repair and recovery tool.  Now.  Today.  Please.
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