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Hi I just restored my PC with win 10, installed and configured all the programs I use. I would like with  AOMEI Backuper Pro to make a backup copy of the Hard Disk in its current state so that I can restore it in case of malfunction
That procedure do I need to follow?

Thank you


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    Thank you, Fantoni. I understand you want to make a new backup of your system. There are 2 good choices.
    A system backup is best for Disks with Windows on them.
    A disk backup is best for disks without Windows on them, or for advanced users.
    For most users, and especially for new users, Backupper > system backup is best. If you are using this image to migrate to a new PC, please use Universal Restore setting.

  • Hi AiArtsan,
    Thank you, I followed your direction, I backed up my system.
    As soon as it is available I would like to upgrade to win11, can I then update the system backup, or do I have to delete or redo it?
    Last thing I had a vetch version of AOMEI
    When I start my PC, I see the following options:
    1) "Enter into AOMEi Onekey Recovery"
    2) "Enter AOMEI Backupper"

    Can I delete the first one? What can I do?

    Thank you
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    "Last thing I had a vetch version of AOMEI"
    I don't know what this means.
    "When I start my PC, I see the following options"
    My understanding is BU will only add additional boot options when you tell it to put them there. If you don't want them there, you may remove them. If you don't want BU in your blue BCD startup screen, then in Windows, go to BU > Tools > Recovery Environment, and remove it.
    If you don't want Onekey boot option, then in Windows, open Onekey application and disable that boot option.
  • @Fantoni, When you update the system, you need to re-do the backup.
    As for deleting the boot option, please refer to: https://www.ubackup.com/troubleshooting/remove-boot-menu.html
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