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Aomei Backupper Pro Automatic Cleanup Never Works


I'm using Aomei Backupper Pro on Windows 11 Pro. My 20TB hard drive is keep filing and it never cleaned it up according the cleanup scheme. Now it already disk is full and non of the backups are performed. I tried all Automatic Cleanup settings and nothing worked. 

Please have a look at the photos.
Please help me.

Thank you.



  • Can anybody help me please? I don't have any new backups now. I bought Pro for these extra feature and it didn't work at all. I'm really disappointed. 
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    "My 20TB hard drive is keep filing".
    Disk 1 20TB source disk
    Anuruddha, what is the destination disk for your backups? is it the same disk? Is it a different disk? Please provide details.
    BU > incremental backup is supposed to autoclean. I am familar with incremental, differential, etc backups, but I have not personally used those features on BU.
    If BU is not cleaning old backups as you want it to, please delete them manually, in File Explorer. Of course, always keep at least 1 old backup for safety.
  • @aiArtisan Thank you for your reply. I'm using the same disk to backup. It is a G drive. I can't understand why it can't delete it itself according to to the scheme. It can start backup according to the scheme. So there isn't any scheduling issue.

    Please help me.
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    "I'm using the same disk to backup"
    For safety, most users, most of the time would backup to a 2nd disk, so in case source disk 1 hardware physically fails, they would have a backup on destination disk 2. Also, if you back a disk up to itself, the subsequent backup images would include earlier backups images, and get larger very fast, and fill up the disk fast.
    Please reply with a screenshot from Partition Assistant.
    "I can't understand why it can't delete it itself"
    Reinstall BU
    Update Windows, including all optional updates
    Close unnecessary programs, including in Task Manager > Startup
    Cmd > SFC Scannow
    Create new Windows non-microsoft Local Admin User
  • @Anuruddha, Please email the support team ([email protected]) and offer the log folder to check the issue further.
  • @aiArtisan Thank you for your reply. I backup to G drive which is WD Elements external drive. I haven't tried your steps yet. But still It isn't cleanup a old backups according to the scheme. I deleted all backups and started fresh but still no luck.

    I have few other issues too. My PC isn't wake up from sleep when it has a scheduled backup or folder sync. So I have set PC to never sleep. If Pc was sleep at scheduled time Backupper was unable to wake up PC do the backup but when I make PC awake it starts back up automatically as I configured in ABP preferences. 

    ABP failed to delete last backupset according to automatic clearance scheme and it started to do full backups instead of Incremental backups.

  • @admin Sure I will contact support if I can't get a solution here. Anyway is there any difference in between mail to [email protected] and post here. 
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