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Restore of image on second HDD - but no boot possible

Using Win10 and Backupper Standard. I have 2 identical SSD in my PC. From the actual working system I made an image and restored it to the second SSD for having a dual boot system. In the Bootmanager both SSD are shown for chosing one of them. But if I'm chosing the second SSD it only shows a dark screen and obviously does not boot from there.

What is the mistake - what did I do wrong?


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    Thank you Mars, I understand you have
    Backupper standard free
    Disk 1 SSD
    Disk 2 SSD
    "it only shows a dark screen and obviously does not boot from there."
    Please try again, instead using BU > System Clone with Universal Restore setting.
    System Clone is best, but if you still prefer to restore image, please use System backup type, with universal restore setting.
    "restored it to the Disk 2 for having a dual boot system"
    If your goal is to dual boot 2 Windows installations, you could instead use 1 disk, shrink Windows C partition, then use Windows USB to install a 2nd Windows installation on disk 1.

  • Hi Artisan,

    Thanks for comment. 
    If I choose "Clone" I receive b.m. warning, that if I clone on target-SSD it might not be booted from there:

    So is this o.k. - will it work?

  • Please always post your screenshots in the same language as your forum post.
  • Sorry, but I'm from Germany and working with German version.
    In the a.m. screenshot is written, that if there is a boot-partition on the target SSD and I will clone the source SSD to the target SSD it might happen, that it won't be booted from the target SSD.
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