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Cloning Compact Flash Cards

I'm trying to clone a CF card that has Windows XPe with Aomei backupper professional. I can clone the disk but it won't boot. I get an error saying verifying dmi pool data and that's as far as it gets. I am removing the source card and using a USB CF card reader on my computer to clone to the target CF card on another USB CF card reader. I'm not sure if installing the software on the original computer will work since it's an industrial machine controller. The operating system runs in the background of software used by the controller. So I guess my first question is do I need to do the clone from the original computer to the target disk?


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    Hello Priley, I have not tried to boot a PC from a CF card, but it may work. I understand you have already tried BU > Disk Clone method.
    Backupper supports Windows XP, and if your goal is to boot from a CF card, please boot into the original source Windows XP installation, start BU, then clone again, using BU > System Clone with Universal Restore setting.
    "industrial machine controller"
    Thats interesting, what is that?
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