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Is BU System Backup Customizable?

I enjoy using BU System Backup to create an image.adi, because it guesses which partitions I probably want, maintains the assocations between the Boot and Windows partitions, and can Universally Restore to almost any different PC.
Windows 11
Disk 0
Par 1 EFI
Par 2 MSR
Par 3 Windows C
Par 4 Windows Recovery Environment
When I use BU System Backup, it sometimes includes the Par 1 EFI, Par 3 Windows C, for a total of 2 partitions. Sometimes it will include the Par 1 EFI, Par 3 Windows C, Par 4 WinRec.
I would like BU System Backup to always include all 3 of these essential partitions. How do I make BU System Backup always include all 3?
I do not want to use Disk Clone, because there are other data partitions on the disk that I do no want to include with this backup image.
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