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Restore Image Win 10 Pro SSD 120g to SSD 500g without losing the space of the new disc?

Hello everyone,

There is a moment of that, I had tried Aomei Backupper Free but I had not managed to make a Win 10 Pro restoration on a new SSD of 500GB which is larger than the SSD Source (120GB)

The procedure had operated but my new SSD 500g end up with the same size as my old SSD 120GB

Is there an option to check when creating backup or catering so that this does not affect the capacity of the new SSD 500g



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    "Is there an option to check when creating backup"
    When restoring an image, you may tell BU to keep partition sizes the same, or automatically expand to fit the entire disk, or you may manually adjust partition size.
    After restoration, you may also use Disk Management to resize most partition types. If you are unable to resize a rare partition type in DM, you may use Partition Assistant to resize, but it will take a very long time. In PA, never use PreOS mode.
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    Thank you for your reply.  However I forgot to say that I made the backup with the partition system.  (all partition from SSD 120G) I don't know how to do what you explain with the AOMEI software?

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