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Add delay to start of backup process to allow for backup drive to come online

Hi, I use AOMEI Backupper Pro 7.3.3 and I have a Task Scheduler task (I don't use the AOMEI service) that wakes the computer from sleep at 4 AM to run a system backup.  However, I'd like to add a "pre-processing" command to that backup configuration that would wait about 10 seconds before attempting to start the actual backup process.

I see that each saved backup can have a "pre" and "post" command, but I don't see any built-in options to specify a pause prior to starting.  Is there a setting in Backupper Pro that can do this?  If not, do you have any recommendations as to how to accomplish this?



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    Thank you for your suggestion Vdawg. I do not use the command line, but there should be a way to script commands to delay the subsequent command.
    You could post your question on Superuser, for senior tech support.
    You may contact Aomei support directly, to request this feature.
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