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Backupper Real Time Sync Very slow

I had bad experiences with creating back-ups using images, I like to see the hard rive and files to ensure everything is working, so I purchased this product. I set up some Real Time Syncs and it was ok. For this last one I selected about 10 folders totaling about 9 TB. I have 2 16 TB drives on a brand new state of the art computer I just built. I also synced other folders about 6 TB and it took about 1 day. This 9 TB is on about 2 days, I think it is stalled but then it moves up 1 percent every couple hours. I can see from Windows explorer that only about 500 GB is left for about 5 hours now. Why does this take longer than when I manually copy?


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    Thank you, Andy.
    "I like to see the hard rive and files to ensure everything is working, so I purchased this product."
    Tools > Explore Image
    "Why does this take longer than when I manually copy?"
    By default, Backupper compresses backups, this may slow down the transfer rate.
    In the future, if you want a fast external drive, you could consider the Samsung X5, 2,500Mb/s.
    1) What PC brand, year, model #, desktop or laptop?
    2) HDD, SSD 2.5", SSD M.2 SATA, SSD M.2 NVMe? Please list for all disk 0, 1, 2, 3, etc
    3) Aomei product tier Standard, Pro, Other?
    4) Windows version 10, 11, Home, Pro, Enterprise?
    5) Please post a screenshot of your issue, and also of Diskpart > lis dis > sel dis # > lis par > lis vol
    Thank you.

  • I just built the pc i7 13700K, 32 GB Gskill DDR5, Nvidia 4070, 1000 watt power supply, Win 11 home. Hard Drives are listed below. I have AOMEI Backupper Pro paid version.

    I am using the Real Time Sync and not a back up. From my original post, I got burnt on RAIDs, and other backups before where it passed integrity on boot or stated back up was complete on other programs only to have it lost. I bought Aomei for the sync function so I can see the physical hard drive and all the files duplicated.

    I am not using external drives they are too slow, and I cannot use SSD as you see I have 20 TB and 16 TB to back up. I have a second drive of each that I used Real Time Sync. For the 20 TB I used several real time syncs, 1 for each folder. For the 16 TB I added 10 Folders at 1 time for one sync and that one is the problem that is slow. Looks like 71% after 2 days probably will take 3 days.

    FYI I did a manual copy paste prior to purchasing the software and it took about 18 hours to complete. I also attached a screen shot of the resources, my CPU hasnt broke 10% and RAM not more than say 70%. Hard drives are pretty much pegged at 100%. I dont want to kill my SATA hard drives, so this cannot be the standard resource required.

     understand SATA drives are slow but it took 18 hours manually not sure why this is taking this long. Each back up took longer than a manual. As long as it works I can handle some time on the front end, I didnt want to have to manage this manually.

    I used Win 11 disk mirror prior and it worked, when I broke the mirror the drives were identical and it kept them, you just could only see one drive in Win explorer and have to trust it was working. I got burnt before many times.

    I am pretty experienced with this stuff.

    Thanks for the response, thoughts?

  • Thanks for the manual that is useful. I am not sure why you directed me to the manual. I completed my very long real time sync and it works. Issue I have now is that the 20 TB hard drive that I synced to a second 20 TB hard drive shows 100% fragmentation on the sync. Looks like it did this also for the 16 TB sync. The defrag in windows took over 2 days to complete. I hope this doesn't keep happening with the sync being fragmented. I started with a fresh drive so that is odd that is synced all of the contents in a 100% fragmented manner.
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    Thank you Andy, if the Aomei Admin does not reply to you here, you can email them directly at
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