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BU 7.3.3 creates Recovery Environment with invalid path in BCD

AOMEI BU 7.3.3 creates invalid path in BCD for RecoveryEnv "C:\Windows\System32\winload.efi"
I can`t start ReEnvironment after BIOS, coz I have not efi.
I have to fix this every time after creation RecoveryEnv to "\Windows\System32\Boot\winload.exe"
I guessed what the problem was after 5 reboots, but what will happen to an ordinary user?



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    Hello Hen, I understand you are on a Legacy-BIOS PC, and you want to integrate BU to Windows Recovery Environment. I do not know if BU RE integration is compatible with Legacy-BIOS, you will have to check in the manual.
    You can also use BU WinPE USB.
    Backupper WinPE USB:
    Add custom drivers, such as NVMe, if necessary. Does not work with some monitors.
    Aomei WinPE Builder USB:
    Partition Assistant, Backupper, Recuva, 7zip, OSF Mount, CPU-Z, Bootice, diskmgmt.msc. Does not support any additional drivers, such as some internal NVMe disks.
    Tech Support
    [email protected]

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    I know. Previously it loaded normally in Legacy-mode, but now BCD looks like this:
    Entry #1
    Name: Windows 10
    BCD ID: {current}
    Drive: C:\
    Bootloader Path: \Windows\system32\winload.exe

    Entry #2
    Name: Enter into AOMEI Backupper
    BCD ID: {b5a2fa7d-d3a4-4003-b0eb-2ee28a26934b}
    Device: [C:]\AomeiRecovery\AomeiBoot.wim
    Bootloader Path: \Windows\system32\winload.efi

    And I'm forced to replace "\Windows\system32\winload.efi" with "\Windows\System32\Boot\winload.exe" in other utility.

  • Keep in mind, BU RE integration is slightly different than BU Boot Tool. BU Boot Tool shows up when Windows boots normally, in contrast, BU RE shows up when Windows does not boot normally.
  • I found. This should work without any Bootloader Path:

    Now and again I can`t create the RecoveryEnv. After this window nothing happens. (Also in MakeDisk).
    "g_IsCN is false" in log-file.
    I had this problem half a year ago, but I don't remember the solution.

    Win10x64, BU 7.3.3

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