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My ssd wont pop up on anything

If I try windows diskpart ssd wont show, I tried AOMEI and it wont show. No matter what I do my ssd will not show up. Still loads to BIOS but when I try to install operating system I cant because no drive pops up.


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    Windows 10 & 11 Installers do not include M.2 drivers for all hard drives or PCs. To install Windows on some PCs, you must Load the Drivers manually. Go to your hard drive manufacturer's website, download M.2 driver .INF file, put file onto Windows installer, then during installation, you will Load Driver. If your hard drive manufacturer does not have an .INF file for you to download, you could download the driver.exe installation file, and extract it with 7zip, and copy the .INF file to your Windows installation USB stick.
    On the very unlikely chance your hard drive manufacturer does not have a driver.INF or driver.exe available, you could try a generic driver from Intel, which I have found to work on many PCs, but not all.
    If this situation is frustrating, you could write a letter to Microsoft to include more drivers in their installer, or you could switch to a Mac or ChromeOS PC, which work far more consistently than Windows.

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