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Stucked in PE mode

I what to move some storage from D drive to C drive of a SSD on my win10 laptop. 

I followed the manual, clicked "resize/move partition", "unlock bitlocker", "apply", and chose "restart into windows PE mode".

But after that, it is stucked on the window of AOMEI. I mean, I can still operate on the AOMEI, but the resolution is strange, and there is nothing else. (Like the photo I post) And it shows that there is no used space in C drive and E drive, while D drive seems to remain unchanged. 

I really don't know what should I do to get it back. I hope someone could help me.


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    Bitlocker encrypts the partition so that a bad person cannot access it. When you are not currently inside of Windows, it will lock the partitions, and no program can see the used space, unless something unlocks it.
    PA is good software that can do a lot of tasks, but in my opinion, if you want to resize a partition, please instead use the standard Disk Management.
    "I what to move some storage from D drive to C drive of a SSD on my win10 laptop."
    What storage are you trying to move? Please be very specific. What outcome would look perfect to you? What is your goal? What data are you moving? If you are just moving files, you do not need PA to do that, you can use File Explorer.
    After you have finished using PA WinPE, you can close the program, and it will restart the PC for you.
    Do you need to use Bitlocker encryption? If no, you can go to windows security settings and decrypt. If yes, you must print onto paper your Bitlocker Recovery code, for when your PC requires it in the future. If Microsoft asks you for the recovery code and you do not have it, you will lose the entire partition forever.
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    Thank you so much for your detailed explanation. Now I have made it all right. 

    I should make it clear. I was just faced with the problem that there was not enough space in C drive, while there was plenty of space in D drive. So, I wanted to resize D and extend C.

    You can see, I'm a newbie in storage, so I thought it would be safe to use a trusted software instead of operating directly on the system. 

    This is what I did after seeing your comment: I closed the PA. Then I could only see my cursor but couldn't do any operation. I had to restart my laptop with the power button, and then it ran normally. 

    I use Bitlocker because I have some secret files, and I do store the Bitlocker Recovery code in the Cloud. But it's really a good idea to print onto paper. 

    Thank you again for your timely help. 
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