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Aomei cookies in browser. What's going on?

It's only been happening a few days, but I'm concerned I have a virus. On starting my browser (firefox) a number of cookies are generated. You might wonder why I'm saying this here of all places, but they seem to be related to Aomei domains.
Here's the list:
  • .abackup.com
  • .anyviewer.com
  • .aomei.de
  • .aomei.fr
  • .aomei.jp
  • .aomeikeji.com
  • .aomeitech.com
  • .cbackup.com
  • .dians.net
  • .dianshouit.com
  • .diskpart.com
  • .disktool.cn
  • .disktool.com
  • .fonetool.com
  • .multclouc.com
  • .ubackup.com
  • .winfr.com.cn
  • .winfr.org
I am understandably concerned and confused. I can't think of any reason why this would be happening.
Can I have some insight on what's going on?.

I have older versions of both Aomei Backupper Standard and Aomei Partition Assistant installed, but the only related program that starts up automatically is the aomei backupper scheduling service.

Neither program has been updated in the relevant time period.
(REPEAT) these appear without me browsing anything or starting any programs beside my browser.

The content of the cookies are all the same. A value of one and a title containing some sort of (presumably unique) dev_id_.


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    Thank you, I understand this issue happens in Firefox. Do you see any of these cookies in Edge?
  • No. I also tried setting edge to the default browser instead of Firefox, and still no. The cookies seem to appear in firefox. It seems to be LocalStorage data of some sort?
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    On Firefox, delete the cookies, see if they come back on their own. Maybe there is a cookie monster.
  • They come back each time I start the browser, even when offline. I don't know where this data might be stored in order to stop it, nor why it is doing it in the first place. Further testing shows it only happens with this profile of Firefox though. And it still happens in troubleshooting mode, which has add-ons, themes, and custom settings disabled.
  • Upper right corner hamburger button > Settings > Privacy > Privacy > Cookies > delete cookies when Firefox is closed.
  • I was manually removing the relevant cookies, which wasn't working. But clearing all of them seems to have cleared out more than was listed ('clear all' removes more data than manually selecting all cookies and removing them). Seems to have been fixed. Thanks! I don't know why aomei had done this in the first place (I hadn't visited any of the domains in the relevant time-frame, or updated anything Aomei related), but I would consider this issue closed.
  • When you install the AOMEI software and participate in the user experience, it will upload some data, such as whether the installation was successful, the system version installed, the frequency of software usage, which operations were used, and whether the operations were successful. But please rest assured that no personal data will be collected here. The process of uploading this data generated these cookies. Please rest assured that these cookies will not have any impact on your computer.
  • That would explain it, but... neither program has the user experience program active. I just checked to confirm. I guess it can remain a mystery unless it starts happening again.
  • Was there ever a definitive answer as to why all the above mentioned cookies are automatiacally generated in my browser as well? No user experience participation selected on my part but cookies literally from all over the world appear. Why is it Aomei feels it is so necessary to have such an overabundance of cookies? It is suspicious especially when I have tested and blocked Aomei cookies only to have them reappear.
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