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New OS Very slow after clone

HI AOMEI-Community!

I was wondering if anyone has the same problem:

The Cloned-OS is very slow after clone (with AOMEI Backupper).
My system is WIN11 and very slow on startup and performance



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    Could you try to do the clone again, using Exact-Sector-By-Sector setting.
    Please reply with the answers to:
    1) Which motherboard mode Legacy-BIOS, UEFI-CSM, UEFI-nonCSM?
    2) What PC brand, year, model #, desktop or laptop?
    3) HDD, SSD 2.5", SSD M.2 SATA, SSD M.2 NVMe?
    4) Hard Drive partition table MBR or GPT?
    5) Aomei product tier Standard, Pro, Other?
    7) Please post a screenshot of Diskpart > lis dis > sel dis # > lis par > lis vol
    Thank you.

  • @Lorenzo_Stanghellini, Did you use the cloned drive on the same computer?
    Please try to use chkdsk /r command to check and fix C: drive, then check again.
  • HI everyone! Thank you for reply I cloned the system with AOMEI Backupper 7.2.1 (Tach Plus) Maybe I should update the software?

    The original system is mounted on an M.2 NVMe, while I wanted to move it to SSD.

    The original Laptop is an MSI with the following specs:

    128GB RAM

    The Laptop on which to clone the system (Italian Brand) have the following specs:

    64GB RAM

    I already tried the command (cmd) chkdsk /r in drive /C:, but nothing change else.
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    If your PC is slow after being cloned, do all Windows updates, including optional updates.
    If that does not help, please update the software, then do the clone again, using Exact-Sector-By-Sector setting.
    If that does not work, in rare cases, the motherboard settings for the hard drive could be improved by changing between AHCI, SATA.
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