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High amount of Aomei users report PA PreOS Mode does not work.

Aomei users have reported a lot of bugs and bad performance while in the application PA-PreOS Mode. Forum support already recommends to use application PA-WinPE Mode or USB PA-WinPE Mode, however this mode is quite bad, even as a secondary option. Every one of the 8 screenshots I have attached below are from a different forum post, with a unique user report. Admin, please ask the development team to fix the long list of glitches and bad performance issues in PreOS Mode, or block it from your software. A lot of systems are crashing or freezing. Thank you.


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    PA-app-WinPE, PA-WinRE-WinPE, PA-USB-WinPE modes all work well. Aomei recommends usually choosing WinPE modes instead of PreOS, to reduce the risk of errors.
    This wikipedia article appears to say PreOS mode was superseeded in 2001, when WinPE was created, at about the time of the launch of Windows XP. Can PA-app-PreOS mode be activated in all Legacy-BiOS, UEFI-CSM, and UEFI-nonCSM modes? Or is it only for Legacy-BiOS mode?
    If PreOS mode was created in the 1990s, and was superceded in 2001, that is a very old program, with many users reporting many glitches that could result in data loss. Perhaps it could be removed, repaired, or restricted to Legacy-BIOS boot only, and not for Windows 11.

  • 11-21-23 PreOS problem
  • 11-22-23 Another PreOS operation stuck or crashed.

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