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AOMEI Backupper Pro problem with Differential Backup schedule

Set up a scheme for Full + 3 Differential backups. Problem is that after first full backup the next 3 backups should be differential but I am getting full backups if no data has changed? Shouldn't the differential backups be very tiny if no data has changed? Instead it creates a full backup every time.


  • @Tgioiosa17, Please click Properties of the task, then take a screenshot of Versions List so that we check. If there is no data change, it will still run Differential backup as the scheme. 
  • Same issue. It started when I upgraded to Version 7.3.2. Although I have been able to make one successful differential backup, all others have failed. I've attached my Versions list as well as some Logs lists that show successful differential backups. The cancelled Full backups in the Logs lists are attempted Differential backups.

  • Okay here is the Versions tab... I had to run the 10/14/23 backup manually using the scheme because the scheduled backup for this task failed (see the last image below).
    It seems that the backup always fails when the automatic schedule triggers (unattended of course), but will have no problem if I open Backupper and run the scheme from inside Backupper. So a new question, why does the scheduled backup always fail as shown in the last image below?

    and here is the scheme...
    Finally here is the log showing the failed scheduled backup on 10/13/2023 which should have been a differential (but shows as Full) and also failed.

  • oops...forget the last image

  • One last note...
    It almost seems like the scheduler does not have the credentials to access the NAS when the scheduled date/time occurs. I have checked the credentials in the backup task for the NAS target and it is correct (also NAS access works fine when I test it in Backupper ).
    I'm using the built-in AOMEI scheduler service (not the Windows 10 task scheduler), could this be an issue with the built-in AOMEI scheduler service?
  • @Tgioiosa17, Did the schedule backup run fail every time? 
    As for 4103, please make sure that your network is stable and in good condition. 
  • @JimSully, According to your screenshots, it shows there is only a full backup under Version List. Have you delete other backuo versions?
  • Yes, I deleted them. When I have one full backup, My File Backup.afi, in my My File Backup folder then try to make a differential backup, I get a full backup named My File Backup1.afi. If I try to make another backup I'm not sure that your system won't get confused about the mistakenly produced full backup so I've been deleting the folder, then starting over with a clean full backup.

    It just happened again: I made a full backup last night,

    then attempted to make a differential backup this morning,

    but got another full backup. I used Version 7.3.2.

  • @admin
    Yes it has failed three weeks in a row now (my schedule is weekly). But as I said the backup WILL run fine if I start from within Backupper and manually run it.
    I have checked the NAS, it is accessible and I can successfully backup from inside the Backupper program.

    The problem seems to be with the scheduled backup, it just fails whenever it is triggered by the scheduler.
  • @JimSully, Please email [email protected] and offer the log folder under the installation directory of AOMEI Backupper so that we check and analyze the issue.
  • @Tgioiosa17, Please email [email protected] and offer the log folder under the installation directory of AOMEI Backupper so that we check and analyze the issue.
  • I've sent the log folder along with more commentary to the support address. Thank you
  • edited October 2023
    I appear to be having a similar problem except with incremental backups.  I will continue to check settings and hope I can figure it out. 
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