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Internal + External SSD Plates With OS + Partition For Userdata

I have Backuper Pro (5 lifetime licenses), but I'm not used to make more complicated backups yet. 

Could you help me in the following project settings? 

=  I have 3 PCs, all under 'WIN 11 Pro'. All are modern + compatible with the 'Thunderbolt 4' (TB4) standard. 
-  1 desktop for HomeOffice task 
-  1 laptop for moving around (clients etc). 
-  1 laptop for reading + test reading (normaly at home) 

=  For working, I use an external box with a SSD plate (512 GB; that's by far enough in my case). 
-  When changing my working place, I move that box with me. 
-  In addition, that's quite practical, fast and easy. 
-  Before moving to another working place (at home or external), I make a cloning copy of the external userdata partition to the internal SSD plate. With TB4, Backuper takes about 2 min.s (!!) for an image backup of the userdata partition. 

=  At the new working place, I connect the external box with the corresponding PC. 
-  Before working, I make another cloning copy of the external userdata partition to the internal userdata partition of the new PC. 
-  Thiswise, I always have at least 2 backups of the userdata partition. 

Now, I would like to go a step further after the first step above, only destined to the userdata, as follows. 
-  Exchanging the SSD plate in the external box against another one from time to time (back + forth), I would like to make a clone of the complete internal SSD plate with the official OS of theat PC + the updated (step 1 above) internal userdata partition, to get a complete copy of the OS + userdata partition, all fully working + in its newest stage. 
--  A SSD plate cloning from the external plate to the internal takes me about 4 ... 5 min.s unter TB4-conditions.
--  That's great. 
-  Then I would like to test if the external OS copy is working just fine after a clone of the complete external SSD plate to the internal SSD plate. 

I have no experience with such excercies. Does it work correctly or how can I solve my problem otherwise? 

Thanks - Konrad 


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    Hello, I understand you share a lot of data between your many PCs. Here is a simple free cloud share solution that could be useful for you.
    I was also curious which language were translating from? German, Scandinavian, or Polish perhaps? It is ok to create a post in your own native language, as well as an English translation, I have seen many others do that.
  • @Studi1, AOMEI Backupper might be unable to achieve what you said. When you clone the system from internal drive to an external drive, and then clone from the external drive to the internal drive of another computer, then cloned system might be unable to boot. Because when you clone from the external drive, the system doesn't run, our program will clone it as data disk.
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