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Referencing removable backup drives

Managing removable backup drives would be so much more convenient if Backupper referenced them by Partition ID or Volume Name instead of dealing with changing (or assigning specific) drive letters... especially for large drives used on more than one machine. Why not refer to something fixed and unique instead of something so easily and dynamically changed??


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    "Why not refer to something fixed and unique instead of something so easily and dynamically changed?"
    I understand the Windows volume drive letters are fluid and you are looking for a hard metric or ID.
    In Partition Assistant (PA), you can view the UUID (new disks), Disk Signature (old disks), the model #, and even the Serial Number.
    If you are using Backupper USB (BU), you can use Cmd > Diskpart > lisk disk > select disk # > detail disk > list volume > list partition
    Exit Disk Properties
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    That is a totally irrelevant response... I'm suggesting that YOU (Backupper) should be using something more dependable than drive letters!! Scheduling repeated access to removable media by a dynamic letter is absurd... the partition GUID and Volume Name are the stable identifiers. If I disconnect a drive and plug it in an hour or a day later, it's the ID or Name that YOU should look for to do the next backup. I shouldn't have to alter the backup drive to repeat the next backup of the same disk to the same drive as last time.
  • @PAP, We will submit your suggestion to our dev team.
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