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Backupper Real Time Sync doesn't monitor my folders for changes

Hi folks
I'm using the Real Time Sync option in Aomei Backupper Pro.
It works fine - it scans my selected source folders and duplicates them onto another drive. Which is exactly what I wanted.
BUT after doing this once, it then says COMPLETED and finishes the task.  How to do set it to keep running all the time, so that it sits in the background monitoring my source folders for changes?   It's no good if it just finishes after scanning once, it needs to be running all the time in case I create new files or make changes to them.
And can I set it so that it start scanning as soon as my PC starts up in the morning and keeps running all day?


  • @Paulyuk6, When you create the real-time sync task, it will keep monitoring the changes in the source directory. You can close AOMEI Backupper. So, your issue is that it failed to sync the changed data automatically?
  • I have only just started using the Real Time so I need to watch to see if it picks up any new files.
    I was surprised when it said that it had Completed, that's why I thought it had stopped checking for changes.
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