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Windows 10 Shut Down stops

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When I began having Aomei do an incremental backup every day upon system shut down, Windows 10 would intermittently stop the shut down process and give a warning that an application remained open. The hanging application is not identified. Windows then asks me to force close the app.

Eventually, I began using Task Manager to verify that no applications remained open before shutting down. Even though Task Manager showed all applications closed, from time to time Windows 10 thinks an application remains open. I don't presume to know what the trigger is that Aomei uses as an event to launch the backup process on system shutdown, but it occurs to me that the backup process launching might be what is causing Windows to think something is still running. I've been testing for a week now without the event-triggered Aomei backup setting and Windows has resumed shutting down quickly and without hanging.


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    Please create a new Windows Administrator user account, then try it again. If it persists, please reply with screenshots. Thank you.
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