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Anyviewer 4 crashes frequently

Hello, I use AnyViewer (AV) every week, and in the versions before 4.0, it worked well. With AV 4, it crashes every 2 minutes. Both PC new Windows 11 installation, no viruses, fully updated including optional updates. No unusual firewalls. Reinstalled AV 4 several times both on my PC, and on remote PC, rebooted several times.
The symptom is that when we are connected, after about 2 minutes, it will just end the connection, and AV 4 is still running on both PCs. We reconnect, and again after 2 minutes it will crash.
Both PC have reliable internet connection, new routers, fast speed, no VPN, it is not a network issue. When using Chrome Remote Desktop (CRD), or MS Quick Assist (QA), the connection is perfect, never crashes, never interrupts, high speed, high reliability.
What is causing this issue, and how do I fix it? Also, for testing purposes, where can I download old AV versions?


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