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I only have the free version of Backupper hence no Recovery Environment option. I've created a system backup on a spare partition. OK I can restore this with a bootable AOMEI stick but can anyone remind me how to add a bootup entry to the computer? That is on boot up from C: we get two choices, Windows 10 or AOMEI Restore. I think I did it before with Visual BCD but still trying to work it out 


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    Hello Fast, thank you for your question.
    "I've created a system backup on a spare partition"
    Do you mean you created a data partition, and put a Backupper (BU) .ADI image file in it?
    "How to add a bootup entry to the computer?"
    Aomei offers 3 ways to do that. 1) Partition Assistant (PA) integrates both PA, BU into WinRE, when Windows cannot boot normally, you can start those 2 programs. BU integrates into the BCD boot menu list that you can choose during normal boot, and OneKey is a separate OS that integrates with the UEFI, and is activated with F11 key. Many Aomei products can be bought at 50% off by installing free version, then uninstalling, click 50% off button. I do not know a way to integrate an RE manually.
    EasyBCD is a boot that could assist you to edit your BCD a little more visually, but no tool will work 100% of the time, because every PC is slightly different, and Windows is being updated all the time.
    Please post a screenshot of your disk from PA, thank you.
    Aomei WinPE 2.0 Builder USB:
    Partition Assistant, Backupper, Recuva, 7zip, OSF Mount, CPU-Z, Bootice, diskmgmt.msc. Does not support any additional drivers, such as some internal NVMe disks.
    Free tools not from Aomei:
    EasyBCD - Application
    Manage multiple Windows installation boot
    Ventoy - Best Bootable USB Creator
    Supergrub 2 - Boot Tool
    Boots Any OS, Windows, Linux, Other
    LazeSoft - Windows boot repair

  • Thanks Artisan looks great
  • Your welcome Fast, could you please reply with the steps you used to resolve this issue, so future users can have that.
  • I opened Backupper Tools Recovery Environment
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    Fastrack, are you saying you switched from BU Free to Pro?
  • No it was a bit strange. I cert did not install Pro on the computer yet it seemed I could use the RE. I'm not aware it was a trial either. It was someone's laptop I was fixing and regret it is back with the owner now. Well not regret - its working again!
  • Great job Fastrack. Now that you are an experienced user, you could learn Ventoy USB.
    Ventoy - Best Multiboot USB Creator

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