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Setting up Onedrive

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I've been unable to select Onedrive as an option under Real-Time Sync in Backupper Pro. I select my sync folder, then "Add Cloud Drive". Onedrive is listed, but I have a chevron pointing to Onedrive with two folders listed underneath. When I select either of those folders, I receive "The specified path does not exist or is not writable." If I try to select just OneDrive, it doesn't do anything.

 I see nowhere in this software to add my credentials for Onedrive.


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    Please post a screenshot of this issue.
    Onedrive usually keeps most files in the cloud, and has a shortcut to them on your PC. In the newest interface version of Onedrive released in 2023, go to the bottom of the settings > Advanced > Download all files. That will keep all files synced to your PC and Ondrive, and may resolve the Backupper (BU) issue.
    Also, BU can't save files/folders to online cloud space of third-party cloud service. It only can back up/sync to the local cloud space generated by the cloud desktop app.

  • @Ladfm, "I have a chevron pointing to Onedrive with two folders listed underneath. "---Could you take a screenshot so that we check?
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