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How to keep only 1 backup set?

I have a sched task to backup near 1TB of system data.  A full and 6 incrementals, runs once a day.  The lowest I can set for 'keep old backups is '1', so when a new full happens, the old weeks set stays.  It's taking up too much storage on my backup drive.  How can I have the first set delete after successful of a new full (like set keep old backups to zero)?


  • I appreciate 1TB of data baloons out but consider keeping at least 1 older backup of your system data on a regular basis for the following reason.  A year ago I was testing a variety of antivirus software and settled on one to go with.  10 days on I discovered a problem running software to remotely control a solar inverter on my farm.  By a process of elimination it became evident that the antivirus software I chose was the culprit.  This problem wasted a lot of valuable time which could have been avoided if I had a 2 week old backup.  You could also consider reducing the size of your system volume and keep most of your non-system data on separate volume(s) to minimise system backup size.
  • @JeeperDon, Based on your backup scheme, it will delete the first set of backups (1 full+6 incrementals) when the second set of backups (1 full+6 incrementals) is completed.
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