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removing GPT partitions

I've experienced success with Aomei deleting partitions in the past. But now I find that an SSD with GPT, allows the deletion of a partition, but the partition is immediately restored. Can Aomei delete GPT partitions permanently ? If so, HOW ?


  • Thank you Sebastian, if you are using Partition Assistant (PA) to delete partitions, please confirm you are pressing the Apply & Proceed buttons afterward, or it will not write the changes to the disk.
    If that does not work, please reinstall PA.
    If that does not work, try using Cmd > Diskpart > lis dis > sel dis # > lis vol > lis par > sel par # > del par.
    Please post a screenshot.
  • This site is presenting TWO 'Type your comment' windows one above the other - very puzzling. That got corrected after some strange display was triggered and cancelled.

     I wrote that the partition did disappear - that should convince you that I did click on 'Apply, and then on 'Proceed'. HOWEVER - that state lasted only briefly, and the partition reappeared.

    I was not aware of the 'list vol' and 'list par' options in DiskPart. Armed with that new knowledge, I feel encouraged to try THAT path again (and to expect success).
  • @Sebastian42, What status is the partition? Please try to use Windows Disk Management to delete the partition and check if you will get any error.
  • I have no idea how to answer 'what status is the partition ?' Disk Management does not give a delete option for the partitions I want to be rid of. The DiskPart method referred me to 'Help Delete Partitions' which has a number of interesting 'qualifications' that MIGHT explain why it fails. One is a reference to dynamic disks - for all I know GPT makes a disk dynamic. Another seems to say that only data partitions can be removed, but they are the ones I do NOT want removed - I want the others to be deleted. The Attach Image tool in this 'thread' does not allow me to choose an image for sending, so the screenshots await a different transfer method. There is still an extra 'Type your comment' box, below the one I am typing in... !
  • I've discovered by replying in Chrome rather than Firefox, the 'Attach Image' tool becomes viable.
  • @Sebastian42, Do you want to delete all partitions on Disk 1? On Windows Disk Management, please right-click F: drive, then select "Delete Volume" to delete it. Then, delete other partitions on disk 1 one-by-one.
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