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AOMEI backupper is in progress, please wait. I NEED HELP

I didn't notice that someone was doing a backup in my workplace and i resarted the pc, but the screen got blue and i got that massage "AOMEI backupper is in progress, please wait". My boss says the backup will be damaged, so i want to go back from the blue screen with that message to the desktop, is that possible?


  • Hello Pedrozx, I am sorry to hear about the workplace incident. I understand you need some help. We need more information from you, could you please reply with the answers to:
    1) Which motherboard mode Legacy-BIOS, UEFI-CSM, UEFI-nonCSM?
    2) What is the PC brand, year, model #, desktop or laptop?
    3) HDD, SSD 2.5", SSD M.2 SATA, SSD M.2 NVMe?
    4) Hard Drive partition table MBR or GPT?
    5) Aomei product tier Standard, Pro, Other?
    6) Version of Windows, 10, 11, Home, Pro, Enterprise?
    6) Please post a screenshot.

  • @Pedrozx, you can forced shutdown and reboot computer, then you can manually run the backup again.
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