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AOMEI Partition Assistant PreOS Mode

 I downloaded your program to move some files over to my D drive and it has been Stuck in a loop saying information code 13 Description: no operations need to be processed. Please reboot and re-run partition ion assistant to finish your operations. 

After I press any key on my keyboard it just restarts my pc and goes into the same loop. It has been like this since 11th of April 2023 I emailed the support team and got nothing useful back emailed again and got no response I am not happy that this has broken my pc and I would love a way to fix this 


  • sorry you are having this problem -- i was thinking of doing the sme thing purchasing the AOMEI Partition software -- going to postpone that purchase until i hear that you have gotton some support from AOMEI --   
  • @Dylan3644, Our colleague has replied to you via email. Have you received it?
    The reason why your PC goes into PreOS Mode is because of a file named "ampa.exe" (created by Partition Assistant) in "C:\Windows". In this case, you could create a bootable media by a 3rd-party program, then boot into WinPE to delete the "ampa.exe" file. After that, you could boot into Windows normally. Or you could create a boot disk by AOMEI Partition Assistant directly to perform the operations.
    If you don't have another computer to create the boot disk, try going into Safe Mode to delete "ampa.exe".  Press and hold the computer power button until it is turned off, repeat 3 or more times. After restarting, the "Recovery" interface will appear, click "View Advanced Repair Options" --> "Troubleshot"-->"Advanced options"-->"Startup Settings"-->"Restart", after rebooting, press F4 to enter into Safe Mode.
  • @Lking65, What feature do you want to use? You can give us a detailed description of your purpose. We will help you check if our software can help you.
  • many thanks for the follow up -- i upgraded the SSD drive on my laptop -- and purchased a lifetime sub to your backerupper program -- thinking about moving both program folders from C: to new D: partition -- and i was trying to decide if buying the partition software for this one time use was worth it -- when i saw the original post -- some online reviews were critical of AOEMI technical support -- so, i left the comment to see if there was any follow up to the original post -- so score one for AOMEI tech support -- still on the fence about whether to subscribe to the partition software or just move the impt programs manually by re-installing to D: partition --
  • @Lking65, Do you want to migrate applications from C: drive to D drive? C and D are on the same disk? Or, D is on another SSD?
    You can use AOMEI Partition Assistant to migrate applications from C: drive to other partitions for free space for C: drive. Applications still run based on the system.
    If you want to migrate application from a system to another, our program can't achieve it.
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    first -- many thanks for your follow up --
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    first -- many thanks for your follow up --  C  and D are different partitions on the upgraded SSD drive i put in the laptop -- i have cloned the C partition with the backerupper software  to use in a recovery situation -- my thought was if i moved all my program files  to the D  partition and had a win system failure -- it would be easier to recover -- honestly, my struggle is whether to be lazy or honest -- lazy being to purchase the partion software, move the files, then use your generous 90 day unconditional guarentee to cancel and get a refund because i don't see any need to use the software beyond migrating the files -- or just do the honest thing and uninstall the most important programs and re-install to the D  partition -- but that is my problem and i appreciate the follow up you have provided -- 

  • @Lking65, Applications still need to run based on the original system. When you migrate applications from C to D drive, if the system failure, these migrated applications can't run when you install a new system.
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