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The new version of backupper and Partition Assistant has been realese!!!

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The new feature of Backupper 2.1:

1. Added system clone and system migration. 

2. Support for restoring system to a smaller partition. 

3. Added history for backup saved path and task name setting.

4. Support for exploring backup images on the NAS/network. 

5. Fixed issue: case-sensitive password of command line backup. 

6. Fixed bug: display incorrect version number after upgrade. 

7. Improved software registration.

8. Stability enhancements and other bug fixes.


The new feature of Partition Assistant 5.6

1.Added an option for OS migration: support for migrating system to destination disk directly.

2.Added an option for OS migration: keep the partition style of destination disk consistent with source disk. 

3.Fixed random bug: unable to boot Windows from destination disk after OS migration.


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    Je n'ai pas de réponse du support de AOMEI depuis une semaine et deux post pour mettre ma version de Partion Assistant Pro à jour en 5.6 Life Time.

    Ou puis-je télécharger le soft et me procurer le nouveau numero de licence comme AOMEI ne répond pas?

    Pour encaisser le paiement il n'on pas eu de problème!!!

    merci à tous.

  • Bonjour,

    Sorry to let you wait so long! Our support team have missed your mail for the great number of emails. When you see this comment, the reply mail has already been sent to you. Sorry again for the inconvenience you have encountered!

    Besides, thank you for using AOMEI Partition Assistant.

    Finally, maybe it is a little early, still, merry Christmas!

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    Now, AOMEI Backupper has upgraded to version 2.2 with added PXE boot tool: start up multiple client machines within LAN through the network booting by using AOMEI Windows PE and Linux micro-system or your own personalized bootable image file on a master machine for system maintenance.

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