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Open Selected Backedup Folders

I'm using the Aomei Backupper free app and have backed up 2 folders to my USB external drive,but for some reason I can't open the folders.I double click the folder it opens a screen listing the backup it then opens a second screen which lists the C: drive and lastly 3rd screen with option "save as". Then I get screen message "no items match your search" My OS Win 11 hope someone can tell me what i'm doing wrong.Sorry for the lengthy description


  • @Krackr007, Backup image file can't be opened directly. You can directly try to restore or explore the backup image to a new location, then access them.
    If you want to directly can open and access folders on USB extern drive, you can use the Sync feature, which copy source folders to the destination.
  • Thx. for explaining this it will now serve my needs using the "Sync" feature
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